The American Dream : F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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Nadia Mohammed
Mr. McGarry
English III
3 February 2017
The American Dream The American Dream is a recurring theme in Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. The American Dream is all about starting with nothing and making your way to achieve millions of dollars and “happiness.” In The Great Gatsby, by showing Gatsby’s tragic flaw, his belief that money will buy Daisy’s love, Fitzgerald in a way criticizes the American dream. Fitzgerald exudes this image of corruption in the American Dream through aspects of wealth, relationships, and social class.
The want for wealth and materialistic things throughout the Great Gatsby shows the fall of the American Dream. For example Gatsby made his riches by selling liquor although he probably was …show more content…

Relationships play a key role in the corruption of the American Dream. On the surface we see these rich couples who admire one another however, once we get to know the characters we see infidelity and sorrow. There are four main relationships we see throughout the novel: Nick vs. Jordan, Tom vs. Daisy, Gatsby vs. Daisy, lastly Tom vs. Myrtle. In the novel all the couples had met prior to the start of the book with the exception of Nick and Jordan who met at Daisy’s house. Although Nick knows Jordan is a dishonest person he cannot help but have a physical attraction towards her. “Her grey sun-strained eyes looked back at me with polite reciprocal curiosity out of a wan, charming discontented face.” Their relationship is put on a backburner when Daisy starts her affair with Gatsby and by the end of the book they call it quits. Tom and Daisy’s relationship is filled with nothing but lies as both of them are unhappy with their marriage. Daisy was fully aware of her husband’s infidelity yet I believe she stayed with him for one reason which is the power and money he has. Daisy enjoys these benefits and for that reason she stays with Tom. Gatsby’s love for Daisy is incomparable almost to the point where it is a bit obsessive. Daisy thinks of Gatsby as a memory whereas Gatsby thinks of Daisy as his past, present, and future. In chapter 7 when Gatsby asks Daisy to tell Tom that she loves only

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