The American Dream

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Is the American dream still achievable? Striving for wealth, power, and recognition has been one of the top americans priorities since the founding of the nation. Americans were raised to believe that hard work and effort secure their future of financially successful. However, the entrenched belief in the American dream has been undermined in recent decades. According to Carl Jung’s ideas and the documentary are suggested that the destruction of the dream is not a natural, inexorable occurrence, but the result of the choices made by people operating within certain belief systems and for self-enrichment. Although Carl Jung was not dispassionate, he was more intent on exploring the reasons why the American dream is dead. He mentioned that …show more content…

They have desire for fame because they need validation,to prove self-worth by becoming worthy in the eyes of others. For instance, in the era of Youtube and social media with words like subscribers and followers. It seem that everyone wants to be famous. People who use the Internet for being famous will performs unspeakable acts on the camera, and they attract the attention of strange. The fame of this people is to feel special and sensation seeking in society. They do a lot of negative things to achieving more followers at their social media that things will be dangerous and ridiculous only to achieve their main goal. There are many influencers in the world who are trying to focused on materialistic things. People follows them to imitate their behavior. Then most americans dream with financial freedom; by contrast, the cost of living that is rapidly increasing more than the income of individual brings multiple problems.The minimum wage is not enough to survive in society. For example in the documentary the Schenk family who have been working for 30 years in their restaurant. The Schenk are hoping to retire soon, but they are leaving off their retirement plan. The higher cost of living make that they do see the end of their jobs. Then they went into the forest where they built a little cabin and made it their home. They have not security about their economic future because they have a

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