The American Dream

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The ideal that every citizen of the United States should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. That is the definition of the “American Dream”, but the way it is interpreted changes from generation to generation. As stated in the prompt a big portion of the “American Dream” is one day being successful enough to purchase your own house, or at least that is how the Baby Boomers interpreted it. Millennials are now taking over and a lot of them do not have the same view. Millennials tend to be more independently driven people. We live in a generation where who you are and what you stand for is a big portion of how you live your life, and more and more people are standing up and talking about what they believe in. This independence that we have plays a part in buying a home too. There are a lot of up and coming adults who are fresh out of college looking for a “bachelor pad” type home to get started. These single apartment and condo type homes are what people prefer because it gives them a sense of independence and in a way power because they have this sense of control. People want to live by themselves and have control of their space and I can say that from a personal aspect. I am currently a junior in college and I live in a 3-bedroom apartment with one other person. My roommate lives with her boyfriend most of the time, and I prefer it this way. I like being in control of the space and being able to do

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