The American Dream

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Did you know that an average of 1,000,000 legal immigrant is getting in the United State of America every year? Bob Herbert State that “However you want to define the American dream, there is not much of it that’s left anymore” (Herbert), according to these data, for those immigrants who came to United State of America, including me, the American dream is more alive than ever, “I believe that the ideal and value of the American dream are still very much alive” (King). However, if we take the American dream in an economic part, there is a lot who need to be fixed if we want to live the American dream. The idea when coming in America for leave the American dream, is getting the opportunity to go to school for obtaining a good education, get a job and working hard until you get where you want to be. First, America’s economy is not good as great as seems. Workers are paying way too much taxes. It’s one of the reason that slow down the accomplishment of the American dream. You say to yourself that you are going to take extra time at work to make extra money, but the more you make, the more your taxes are going to be. What America did with all those monies? They say that, most of our money went to the military. I understand we need to be protected. But, what about our homeless people in the cold? What about our public school? Why don’t take care of our weakness, our citizen first and care about others after. Futhermore, as an immigrant myself, I have a dream, and a lot of goals.

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