The American Dream

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Skylar Windholz
Professor Miller
English 1020-Core Composition 1
7 December 2017 American Dream Essay For the past few decades, the American Dream has been the acquisition of material objects, a perfect family, house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, and a secure job that brought financial security. This pursuit began after World War II, when the United States became the “land of opportunity” and for many people this “dream” became reality. However, as the United States economy grew tremendously, the American Dream transformed into greed and inequality. According to Nick Smith, the author of “Poverty, Money, and Happiness”, believes the American Dream is failing and the quest for individual wealth should not be a priority …show more content…

Therefore, equality should be considered one of the main goals of the American Dream, so everyone can have equal opportunities and improved living conditions. With higher equality, these improved conditions would benefit everyone in society. Come to find out, British epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson says that “the healthiest and happiest societies have” more that is “equitably shared,” meaning everyone gets a fair share of basic needs (Jarvis). In Wilkinson’s latest novel, The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better, he gives details on the effect “that inequality has on societies,” which is “increasing anxiety and illness,” the encouragement of “excessive consumption” (Jarvis). Wilkinson then begins to discuss that the disappearance of the wealth gap in America would improve the happiness and the longevity of people. Statistics have shown that inequality can cause anxiety about feeling inferiority or superiority generate by the feeling of not being good enough for oneself, loved ones, friends or even strangers. Inferiority can be developed by the stress of debt or losing a home, while superiority could mean the constant consumption and gain of unnecessary amounts of money and material objects to impress others. However, equality would eliminate these factors all together and provide a feeling of secureness and happiness.

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