The American Dream Of Finding The Love Of Your Life Essay

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Throughout a life a person faces situations that mold their character. Situations like hardships, achievements, discouragements and encouragements. Through all of the situations a person is faced with it either builds their character or destroys it. With growth comes maturity and characteristics that shape one 's identity. The characteristics that contribute to one 's identity can interfere with relationships and the mental state of a person. Suffering through the hardships of as drug abuse, poverty, crime and death have led both the narrator and Sonny to strengthen their bond of brotherhood and to thrive for success in life. Accomplishing the American dream of finding the love of your life, have kids; raise a family, live in a nice home and to be wealthy.
As a child growing up was difficult for the narrator and his brother. They lived in Harlem, which was far from safe in the 1920’s to the 1980’s. There was high crime and drug use. “’If I was smart, I’d have reached for a pistol a long time ago.’ ‘Look. Don’t tell me your sad story, if it was up to me, I’d give you one.’ Then I felt guilty-guilty, probably, for never having supposed that the poor bastard had a story of his own, much less a sad one, and I asked, quickly, ‘What’s going to happen to him now?’” (125) The conversation between the narrator and Sonny’s friend shows how the narrator wasn’t thinking about the lives around him. The narrator grew up poorly but so did others who lived in Harlem. They had their own pain

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