The American Dream

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Every person in the United States is entitled to free and universal public education to create a collective democratic society of individuals, prepare them to participate as citizens of the democracy and provide students with the tools and knowledge to achieve the American Dream. The American Dream is an ideology that if you get an education, work hard and are a good citizen, you will succeed in life. However, with systemic inequity in our education system, specifically disparity in quality of education, the opportunity for education, achievement gaps between race and class, and segregation of schools, many children are not receiving the education they need to achieve so-called American Dream. Due to these systemic inequities in our …show more content…

3). The disparity in quality and opportunity in the education system leads to problems when children grow into citizens. One of the main purposes of a public education is to work towards the collective good and teach students to become members of our democratic society. Duties like voting, paying taxes, being involved in local government are some of the many parts of being an active citizen in our democracy, and if students don’t have basic reading and writing skills, or a proper history education they cannot receive the benefits from society because they do not have the tools to give. This inability to participate in and receive from society also blocks access of minorities and poor to the American Dream.
However, the students who do benefit from the public education system, usually white and middle-class and up, are the most involved in society and the ones who make the policies that affect all of the students. They have a higher chance of succeeding and moving up a social class, compared to minorities. This creates an unfair cycle because the students who receive bad educations cannot participate in society, and therefore often times do not have the means to influence policies and programs that affect their children’s school districts. The achievement gap between minorities and whites also causes students to not participate in or receive the

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