The American Dream: The Process Of Tearing Off A Band-Aid

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The american dream is the process of ripping off a Band-aid. It can be rough and hard and maybe a little scary during the process of reaching it, but the pain ends once a person gets to the dream. While ripping off a band-aid it will be sore, but the pain is always worth doing if the end product is as great as getting exactly what someone may want such as their dream or no more pain from a band-aid. Although it is a very scary thing to consider doing. The anticipation can be scary when you are leading up to tearing off a band-aid. In the same way it can be very scary to start working towards the american dream. People leave their homes in other countries to come here and work for the american dream that they hear about. They do not know what to expect before they come here and it can be scary for them. They have to put full trust into america and that can be hard. Tearing off a band-aid can be scary in the same way because an individual may know that it could be painful and so they are scared. It can also be difficult. Ripping…show more content…
You don’t have any worries because the anticipation and pain is over. Once you achieve the american dream the pain and hard work is over. Many people retire and can live peacefully in their dream. The pain and work is all worth it in the end because people can get what they always wanted. Once you take off the band-aid people realize that it was worth it because now the pain is over and it will not have to come back. The american dream is the process of ripping off a band-aid because it can be scary and hard, but it is worth it in the end. People can be scared to take off the band-aid and it may take a lot of work to get it off, but they realize it was good to do. The american dream may seem scary to many people and it will take a lot of hard work and sweat and tears, but once a person achieves what they want they feel so good. They will know it was worth it because they can live a relaxed
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