The American Dream : The Reality Of America

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America throughout time has been known as a country for opportunity and freedom, where anyone can come and have a fair chance at living their “American Dream.” The stereotypical American dream is having a two parent family, with stable income, owning a home with a white picket fence with two children. But the reality of America is that this “dream” is achieved more easily by white men. Even though America is supposedly “The land of the free” and provides “Liberty and Justice for all”, these statements are more of a source of irony than truth. In America a person’s social status, race, and gender play a large role in their ability to achieve the American dream. The color of one’s skin, how much money and social influence a person has, and what physical anatomy they contain affect how hard it is to attain their American dream. So the reality of America is that it is not as an equal opportunity land for everyone to achieve their dreams as it is thought to be. Discrimination against a person based on race is a long standing problem in America. From the land stolen from the Native Americans to the kidnapping of the Africans. So it is a no brainer that this discrimination still exists and can make it harder for individuals to achieve their American dream. The U.S census Bureau found that it was three times as high for black children to live under the poverty rate compared to white children, and eight times as likely to be imprisoned. It was also found that only 75 percent of
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