The American Health Care System

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It’s time that people know the truth about the American health care system and the harsh realities that come from associating with a free market health care system. We should also know about the different health care system offered in other industrialized countries. The Documentary “Sicko” shows us the lives of many people American and Non-American and their experiences with healthcare / health services ranging from U.S, Canada, France, England and Cuba. In all these countries, the only one that requires its citizens to pay for health care is the U.S. Health care in the U.S is dominated by the free market and private enterprise / HMO organizations and their thirst for profits, because of this I feel like health care should be owned by the …show more content…

The doctor with the highest percentage of denials were actually going to get a bonus.” This shows why having health care controlled by privatized companies is a bad thing, they only care about their profit and not the general well being of their own customers as opposed to having free health care that is run by the government. Shown in “Sicko,” where in Canada, England, France and Cuba have free health care and their citizens are generally happy, versus U.S where there is a price tag on your body. According to Rick, a person who had his fingers sawed off, to reattach his middle finger he needed 60,000 dollars and to reattach the ring finger for 12,000 dollars. This also shows why having privatized companies control health care is a bad thing, because it can lead to your social status determining your health care, which should not be happening. Another reason why government should be in the business in providing health care is because having free health care also lowers mortality rates. People who have no health insurance cannot afford health care. The U.S should not be playing catch-up with other industrialized nations who already offer free health care. On average those nations that have free health

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