The American Immigration System is Broken Essay

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On contemporary society, immigration reform is enjoying an increasingly high voice among people. American immigration system is broken. Too many employers take advantage of the system by hiring undocumented workers which currently are estimated at 11 million. This is not good for the economy nor the country. Imaging a day without these undocumented workers in United States. No bus driver, farm worker, cooker, nurse, construction worker, waiter, house keeper, gardener or nanny can be found. Nobody drive bus, pick fruit, wash dishes, build houses, clean offices or take care of babies. It is not difficult for us to imagine that because these low skill workers have vanished. Chaos and tragedy ensue. The question about whether all nations…show more content…
If the government builds a smart and effective immigration system to make these undocumented immigrants legal, they will increase the demand for local consumer goods. According to the 2010 American Community Survey, “immigrants earned a total of $1.1 trillion, and the Immigration Policy Center estimates that the purchasing power of Latinos and Asians, many of whom are immigrants, alone will reach $1.5 trillion and $775 billion, respectively, by 2015.” There are roughly twelve million undocumented immigrants working in the United States, they are absolutely necessary, for productivity and labor force. In addition, they created depressed wages. As are over hundreds of millions of uncollected tax revenue. For example, many unskilled undocumented immigrants whom lack of technical training are working in number of very imperative industries, such as agriculture, landscaping, hospitality, and construction. In most cases, these undocumented immigrants are paid less than the minimum wage of U.S., some of them even are actually paid nothing. What seems more exaggerated, a number of employers who hire these undocumented immigrants will place a dozen of them into a very tiny poor house. These unscrupulous employers exploit far too many undocumented immigrants for huge immoral profits. Unlike any American citizen, the undocumented immigrants have almost no legal recourse or no courage to against these unethical employers, because they also break the law at first, and the
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