The American Industrial Revolution During The 19th Century

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The American Industrial Revolution began in the 1700’s and ended in the 1800’s. Most people believe that the American Industrial Revolution began when Samuel Slater brought technology from Britain to America. This technology allowed America to use manufacturing to quicken production. Industrial items such as the sewing machine, river boats, trains, telegraph, and mills allowed for growth in the United States. Immigrants from other countries gave the industrial growth enough workers to allow the growth to keep growing. The role of factories in early Industrial Revolution was to promote the growth of the United States. Factories led to the need for more workers. More workers led to the growth of children and women in the …show more content…

With this immigration rise, it also made it necessary for housing to move Westward for room to live and for work to go across country.

The biggest changes that occurred during the American Revolution were that machines replaced humans as production in the work force. This changed the work place from the fields to factories. Conditions improved financially; but for the worker it was worse. Machines made material faster so trade was improved between the United States and other countries. This trade allowed for a great deal of immigration which allowed for expansion to the Western side of the United States. The Western expansion was made possible from the rail road going through to the West Coast. While Americans lives improved with more material things, the working conditions, pay, and the work that they were doing was horrible. So while the industrial revolution allowed for advances in society, it also started the fall of the society.

The industrial revolution paved the way for modern society and the way our current economic system works. If it wasn 't for the industrial revolution we wouldn 't have skyscrapers, time zones, the Brooklyn Bridge, electricity and many other liberties we take for granted. However there were major downsides to the industrial revolution as well. Amongst these were poor treatment of many laborers, the corruption of government, and the assassination of the president. Andrew Carnegie was a capitalist in the

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