The American National Anthem By Francis Scott

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Francis Scott Key watched as the British attacked Fort McHenry with an endless array of explosions. However, in the morning, Key writes about the brilliance of the survival of the American Flag upon Fort McHenry. Francis Scott Key composed, “Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight… were so gallantly streaming” (“The Star-Spangled Banner”). This symbolism of the strength of the American Flag, reflected upon in Keys’ lyrics, became the National Anthem a century later (Klein); and is still respectively sung today. The American National Anthem provokes images of glory, pride, family, and the American Dream in the minds of those who take part in singing. Athletic events are associated with the pride of the national anthem. Fans sing to pay respect and honor American soldiers: without soldiers fighting citizens would not have the freedom to enjoy sporting events. Recently, as America has experienced increased and ongoing discrimination from the police, many groups have started to protest, such as Black Lives Matter. An example of such protests can be seen through the recent actions of Colin Kaepernick. During televised NFL games, the San Francisco 49er’s player Colin Kaepernick protests the National Anthem by sitting on the bench and dropping to one knee during the anthem. Kaepernick’s idea of the protest was inappropriately executed and disrespectful. To begin, Colin Kaepernick’s choice of protesting during NFL games proves to be an improper location for

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