Francis Scott Fitzgerald 's Our National Anthem

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald, named after the author of our national anthem, September 24, 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota to Edward Fitzgerald and Mary McQuillan. His mother’s family made a small fortune as wholesale grocers, and his father became a salesman after his business failed. As a child he was both handsome and ambitious. His parents dotted on him, especially his mother. Much of the family’s money was spent on educating Francis. Fitzgerald attended the St. Paul’s Academy. He first published in the school newspaper at the age of thirteen; it was detective story. In 1911, at the age of fifteen, Fitzgerald entered the Newman School, a prominent New Jersey Catholic prep school. It was there that he was first introduced To Father Sigourney Fay who noted Fitzgerald’s talents as a writer and encouraged the young boy to pursue his ambitious literally goals. Upon graduating in 1913 he continued his literary ambitions at Princeton University. He polished his writing skills by producing scripts for the school’s distinguished Triangle Club musicals and he frequently appeared in the Princeton Tiger and the Nassau Literary Magazine. He also tried to get on the football time, and failed epically. His writing took a toll on his grades however, and he was put on academic probation. He dropped out in 1917 to join the U.S. Army at the outbreak of WWI. However Fitzgerald was convinced that he would be killed in the war, and speedily wrote a novel titled “The Romantic Egotist”. The publisher

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