The American National Government And Politics

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Caroline Araskog
Dr. Melchiore Laucella
American National Government and Politics
The Life of the U.S. Constitution

President Abraham Lincoln once proclaimed that, “no man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent.” Although Lincoln’s statement is targeted towards the practice of slavery, his wisdom can be applied to the thirteen colonies that yearned to be independent of the tyrant, King George III. The colonists sought to achieve their own democratically run government that provided a land for the people as opposed to Great Britain’s monarchical regime. The idyllic system of government the rebels envisioned called for a less powerful central government and enabled the people and states to have their own policy and say. That being said, the framer’s first attempt to create a less involved central government with the Articles of Confederation fell short in several respects. By looking at the historical background of the Framers, it is evident that the U.S. Constitution was the product of numerous hours of alterations and inputs that served to create a body of government that set the law for the people.
The creation of the United States Constitution can be traced back to those individuals and historic events that spurred a necessary change in the specific role government should play in society. Historical study tends to myopically direct the credit of the United States Constitution to the Founding Fathers when in reality; there were

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