The American Of The British Empire

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In the late half of the eighteenth century, the colonies of British North America were at a point in which they wanted more of their own identity and separation from Europe. Some of the colonists felt that way and others were quite content in continuing to live under Britain’s iron fist of legislation that they were imposing on the colonies. After the Seven Years War and the Proclamation Line of 1763, many colonists were outraged and began to display their emotions. The colonist protested through numerous tactics such as demonstrations of hate crimes towards the Native Americans living in the colonies. There were also some colonists that made their opinion heard that the colonies should succeed from the British Empire and be a new nation, and with any debatable topic like leaving the British Empire, there were those colonial loyalists that denounced the patriot idea of succession. Often in power battles, the third parties are rarely heard as well, however to see through eyes of a African American being transported through the Atlantic Trading System and to hear his story puts the graphic nature of that journey into perspective. The decades leading up to and including the starting point of the American Revolution would help tip the colonies to where they would begin their path to becoming the United States of America, For nearly eighty years, Pennsylvania was a safe haven for colonists as well as Native Americans. …The residents of “Penn’s Woods” tried to avoid…
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