The American Of The Mexican Restaurant

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The two males from Scotland sat soaking up the local atmosphere in the busy Mexican restaurant. They’d heard this place served excellent Mexican food. Mexican food which they’d recently been introduced to by Aileana. Aileana, a young Southern California woman who moved to Scotland and happened to be dating one of the men’s brother. The two large, heavy muscled men enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon throwing back a few beers at the Sagebrush Cantina. The Cantina a local watering hole in the West San Fernando Valley, well known with the biker crowd, along with all the up and comers. They fell into the first group; not the second, bikes in general and Harley’s in particular. The larger of the two men was Duncan Morgan he stood at six feet four inches of unadulterated solid muscle, weighing in around two hundred and twenty pounds or so. He also stood out in any crowd because of the black ink which traveled up his left arm. The tattoo continued all the way across his back and chest on the left side of his sculpted body on top of all his body piercings. He appeared as if he was a jacked gym junkie, however, nothing could be further from the truth. The muscles on his tall frame were from hard work on the oil rig. His build was also genetic specific to Selkie’s; which he and Torin just happened to be. The men appreciated the warm Southern California weather on the bar’s lively outdoor patio; they watched all the fine young ladies strut their stuff. Duncan Morgan along with

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