The American Revolution Of The United States

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Independence is what every country strives for. The ability to freely make decisions without fear of reprisal is the model many countries desire. However, many countries face a daily tyrannical rule through which its citizens have little say in the happenings of their personal lives. The United States before the American Revolution knew this situation all too well. The American colonies dealt with the monarchial rule of Britain reluctantly, eventually seeking independence after facing a myriad of oppressions. This tyrannical rule of Britain’s sparked the signing of the United States’ Declaration of Independence. With newfound freedom and sovereignty, the United States set forth to tackle the challenge of establishing a governing body with …show more content…

These arrests concerned colonists that they no longer had the power and ability to freely provide information to the public without being under the watchful eye of Britain. Many individuals were calling for the protection of press, most notably James Parker, who claimed that "Speaking, and writing without restraint, are the great privileges of a free people. The liberty of the press....ought to be defended with our lives and fortunes for neither will be worth enjoying, when freedom is destroyed by arbitrary measures." Despite both men being found not guilty on the charge of libel, many colonists feared that the inconsistency from case to case did not necessarily mean that the freedoms of speech and press had been established, and were desperately hoping for assurance in the future. In the same sense that many colonists wished to have protections regarding speech and freely delivering information to the press, many colonists also believed that they had basic, natural rights guaranteed to them. In response to the myriad of laws passed by British Parliament during the 1760s, many notable documents and articles were released, outlining the expectations the colonists had in regards to their liberties and freedoms. Patrick Henry, a notable member of the Virginia House of Burgesses and future framer of the constitution, drafted the Virginia Resolves. Of the six resolves written, four were adopted and made the

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