The American Revolution : The Causes Of The American Revolution

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This coursework paper is going to be on the topic of the causes of the American revolution, the thesis for this essay is that there were multiple events that transpired to to set off the chain reaction that was the american revolution but there was only a handful that really did set the reaction off that really ticked off the american settlers and the set of events that made the american settlers want to declare their freedom from britain. In this essay we will be going over these major events and what they had to do with setting off the revolutionary war of the American settlers and why they finally wanted to secede from the motherland. The first of these events that set off the revolution is the mercantilist policy which was a policy that the British had adopted that limited the flow of raw materials that the colonists had harvested and this made it illegal to trade with outside sources so that all of these materials went straight to Britain, this policy had an effect because if the settlers had put in hard work and time into producing those valuable and highly sought after materials were just taken away and were not even compensated for it you could probably imagine why the felt so shaken and upset, the british government had basically been leeches on the settlers taking all of these materials. The second event was the The Triangular Trade routes which were basically routes that were established that the colonists could trade with britain and get essential materials but
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