The American Revolutionary War ( 1775-1783 ) Essay

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The American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), was a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen colonies on the North American continent. There was not a specific event that led to the Revolutionary War. American colonies wanted full democratic rights, but the British only saw them as colonies to be used and exploited. The British saw the colonies as economic entities that could pay for their own defense. Many of the colonists would have been willing to pay for their own defense. With the condition that they would have a voice when it came to making decisions. The British ignored the colonies demands. As a result, the British developed the separate and unique American identity. Over a ten year time period many colonists began to identify themselves as Americans. Once the American identity was defined, The American Revolutionary War became inevitable. After America won its independence from Great Britain, there was a need for unity among the new states. The needs for unity lead to the creation of The Articles of Confederation. These Articles represent the first constitutional agreement made between 13 American states. The Articles of confederation served as a written document establishing the functions of the government and the United States. The purpose of the Articles was to provide a general government of the 13 colonies that had won their freedom from British rule and to bring unity of the new states. The Articles of Confederation basically implied that every
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