The Analysis And Exploitation Of Geo Data

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“Today, many areas of our lives are digitized. The amount of data we generate has increased enormously and our every step can be tracked by the Internet, our smartphone or other mobile devices. The growing number of ways in which data can be stored and analyzed is threatening our privacy. However, with the current social and political climates we can expect little support on holding manufacturers and developers to their defined privacy regulations. As a society we must demand from these that our right to privacy is upheld and that consent for sharing our information is being sought.”

“The fact that mobile devices are increasingly equipped with GPS sensors and that their market shares are on the raise has led to a completely new problem: the analysis and exploitation of geo-data. This exploitation has become possible because the functionality of smartphones can be enhanced through downloadable applications. Today’s indisputable availability of geo-data and the possibility to allocate individual devices to specific persons allows advertisers and investigative authorities to enter a new dimension when it comes to profiling – a field that promises high profits over the next few years (Working Party, 2011). Yet, users have little awareness of the consequences these profiling processes entail; on the other hand, many perceive their basic right to privacy as something negligible (Lyon, 2003). However, manufacturers and service providers rarely

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