The Analysis of the Human Fingerprints Essays

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Fingerprints begin to form in the tenth week of pregnancy. This process of fingerprint creation occurs in the basal layer of the womb. The basal layer is the layer in which new cells are produced for the fetus. To create the fingerprints, the basal layer crumples and folds in different directions. This is what creates the different shapes in everyone’s fingerprints. In addition, in this process, an outer layer of skin is formed to protect the fingerprints. Because of this outer layer of skin, the pattern of the fingerprint cannot be permanently destroyed or altered. The only exception to this is a lifetime of a hobby or job, where your fingerprints are being affected. In addition, fingerprints are left on surfaces because of the …show more content…

Although the topic of the minimum points of similarity is often debated, the commonly used minimum is eight to sixteen ridge similarities. This lack of a universal minimum can lead to many errors and false positives in fingerprint analysis. Even though fingerprints are unique to the person, there have been recorded similarities between people. For example, Israeli examiners found two different people who shared different points of similarities in their fingerprints. Still, the FBI prefers to leave this number up to the examiners because of the variety of conditions that the fingerprints are in. Based on the surface, there can be many distortions made. These distortions can be made during the transfer of the fingerprint or because of conditions that existed before hand. There are many different types of conditions that can alter a fingerprint. Before being placed on the surface, a fingerprint can be altered based on the health of the skin, the types of residues on the skin. In addition, the fingerprint can be affected by things such as your age, gender, job, or even diseases. The surfaces’ conditions also come into play when leaving behind fingerprints. The material of the surface affects the fingerprint, as well as the temperature, surface residues, and the curvature of the surface. These effects can lead to false positives and other errors in fingerprint analysis because these distortions make there be less of the

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