The Ancient Chinese Mythology

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Ancient Chinese Mythology
The Ancient Chinese was a complex civilization. They made the first pottery during 7000 B. C. and is one of the earliest civilizations. Being so ancient they likewise had their unique beliefs about how the world came to be, how life came to be, and how humans came to be. They believed of a sky court holding power over humans and life. They believed that natural disasters came to be when sky guardians were not doing their duty. They believed that the guardians could be banished to the mortal realm and cause havoc. Yet no matter which guardian powerful or not they all have their own story and importance, or they will be forgotten. Of these millions of stories these are the most important three: the creation of earth and life, the creation of humans, and the order of time.
The most important story of the three would be the creation of the earth and life. At the beginning of the universe there was only chaos. The sky and the earth were connected. One day Pangu, a child of the universe, woke from a deep slumber. He saw the chaos and was determined to fix everything So he created a axe and split a rift in between the sky and the earth. He then when into the rift and push. Using his tremendous power the sky and the earth slowly separated. The bottom part started condensing and became earth and the top part started to vaporize and became the sky. Everyday Pangu grew 10 feet and every day earth and the sky grew 10 feet apart until they could never connect

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