The And Body Mass Index Of Early Adulthood And Risk Of Schizophrenia / Research

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Alissa Winkler
Height, weight, and body mass index in early adulthood and risk of schizophrenia/ Research paper
Burlington County Community College

Prior to the date of July 1, 2006 when this research article was written there was very little information known about the possible associations between the risk of becoming schizophrenic due to thinness or overweight issues during the early adulthood chapter of life. The hypothesis these researchers portrayed was the possiblity of association between height, weight, and body mass index ( or BMI) during adulthood and the risk of schizophrenia. (Sorensen, Mortensen, Reininsch, Mednick, 2006, Pg.2) It had been noted that exposure to famine in utero, prematurity, low birthweight, …show more content…

They will be doing so with an all-male subsample based study presented from the Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort.

This all male based study consisted of 3210 individuals of whom were born between October 1959 and December 1961. Cases of schizophrenia came to surface during the year of 1999 and were noted in the Danish Psychiatric Central Register. The cases involving the individuals who developed the disorder were considered the experimental group of which were then compared to the control group. The control group involved factors of height, weight, and BMI from draft records in relation to those factors from the experimental group. The average age of the participants of the study were about 19.2 years. Identification of parental hospitalization history was gathered in relation to specific diagnosis '. Strong evidence supports the association of adult BMI with schizophrenia and how it differs in subjects with and without family history of this mental illness. To be considered schizophrenic in medical terms would involve being diagnosed according to codes, these codes include code 295 and code F20 or ICD-8/ ICD-10. (Sorensen, Mortensen, Reininsch, Mednick, 2006, Pg.3) The independent variable for this experiment would be the height, weight, and BMI draft records where as the dependent variable would be the

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