The And Circumstance At Chisago Lakes High School

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Pomp and Circumstance High school Commencement in the United States is a tradition like no other. Every June, high school seniors dress in their Sunday best and head to the tried-and-true ritual. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles swarm to secondary institutions with their cameras in hand. With the sea of hats and gowns, the graduating class is unified and united. Over the recent decades, Commencements across the United States have incorporated cords and stoles. These emphasize both communal and individual achievements throughout students’ secondary education and their community. At Chisago Lakes High School (CLHS), these achievements are recognized at Commencement with a variety of cords. Students who participate in the National …show more content…

In the winter month of February, the CLHSSC organizes Snow Days, a winter Homecoming of sorts. Along with an enthralling pep fest, the CLHSSC hosts a formal, Sadie Hawkins Dance. Often the case, male students usually ask their female classmates to attend the school dance. However, with Sadie Hawkins, female students are empowered due in part to the fact that they ask their male classmates. Along with sponsoring CLHS events, the CLHSSC works directly with the NHS. Besides CLHSSC, the NHS, which is validated at Commencement through cords, plays a large role in promoting volunteerism and civic duties throughout CLHS and the Chisago Lakes community. Every year, NHS hosts a Compassion Collection by which CLHS students bring in toiletry items during the holiday season. CLHSSC members work directly with NHS members to collect, sort, and donate the items to Family Pathways, the local food shelf. Also, at the state level, the Minnesota Association of Student Council (MASC) and the Minnesota Association of Honors Societies (MAHS) work directly with each other and host an annual State Convention. This Student Council and NHS conference acts as a catalyst to share ideas across the State of Minnesota. With that said, Student Council and NHS have a vested interest in one another. However, at the CLHS Commencement, only NHS member are recognized by the white cords while CLHSSC members are not recognized. Even though the CLHSSC arguably contributes more to the

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