The And Justice For All

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"With liberty and justice for all". These are the 6 words that conclude the pledge of allegiance of our United States. This is what our nation was built upon: liberty and justice. Justice is the "just behavior" (insert dictionary source here) or treatment that one may receive or give. To be just is to be fair and righteous and this righteousness is the "quality of being morally right" (insert dictionary source here). For someone to be shot in cold blood and the killer not have any consequence goes against all morality. As an adult we have the cognitive ability to decipher between right and wrong or good and bad behavior and know that if we violate these expectations we need to be held accountable for our actions. Social Justice is fairness within a society. Fairness with in a society or community is making sure everything is equal within that given society or community. Distribution of wealth is really important. The top 10% of the community can’t have more money than the bottom 90% combined. There has to be fairness in opportunity that is provided within the community. If one given population is allowed to partake in something or are given the opportunity to better their lives than all the other given populations need to have that same fair opportunity as well. The same goes for privilege. It’s not fair when there are special rights and advantages given out that will help a particular group but disadvantage another. Making sure there are equal social rights
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