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For centuries predestination has been a meticulously discussed subject which causes many divides in opinion due to some verses in the Bible being potentially ambiguous or contradictory and it is therefore necessary to look at this ancient text as a whole in order to get an accurate understanding. Predestination is a significant topic as it brings into question the nature of the traditional Judeo-Christian God who has long been seen as omniscient (possessing universal and complete knowledge), omnibenevolent (infinitely good and all-loving), omnipotent (all-powerful) and immanent (permanently interacting with the universe). For some, the idea of having a supreme god and yet a sin-filled world is either impossible or simply means that this god is the ‘father of all evils’. Could it be that God is the alpha and the omega (the beginning and the end) but not the intermediate because he lacks the power, knowledge and love to regulate this world which has been spiralling out of control since the Fall of Man in Genesis 3? Another reason as to why it is significant is that it will reveal to us whether we are accountable for our actions or whether God’s sovereignty takes precedence over our culpability. The examination can be fragmented into two opposing perspectives, Calvinism and Arminianism, which both try to explain the predicament of predestination in regards to seven key areas: sovereignty, man’s depravity, election, Christ’s atonement, grace, man’s will and
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