Egyptian God Research Paper

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One of the most hotly debated topics throughout Jewish history is the question of how the biblical God can be truly good and omnipotent while evil exists in the world. The main problem of the existence of evil in this world is that biblical religion centers on the concept of a single God who is unrestrained by the domains of nature and the physical world. Many argue that the existence of evil prevents us from viewing God as both limitless and good. This essay will outline the solutions given in the lecture as a way to correlate the concepts of evil and a completely good God together.
The first solution that is given by Professor Knohl and Professor Halbertal is the concept of primordial evil and consequently the idea of a limited God. According …show more content…

According to this solution some of God’s creations may be evil, but the choice to act on the evil is under human control. (This is not to say that God created the world as an evil place, but rather while the world itself was created by God as good it does contain some accidental features of evil.) According to the J source the proof for this solution lies in Genesis chapters two and 3, with the nachash in the Garden of Eden. The nachash was an evil and deceptive creature that promoted something that God had made forbidden as good, yet it was the humans who made the decision to act on this …show more content…

In the book of Job we see that God takes Job around to show him the beauty of the world and his creations in response to Job’s protests of innocence. The message that God was showing to Job was that humans are not the center of the world and everything was created for God to enjoy. Things in the world just happen (not necessarily against or for a person), and evil exists as a way to reconcile ourselves with the reality that we make up a marginal place in the world.
Each of these solutions enables us to understand how God is completely good despite the existence of evil in the

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