Refugee Quotes In Salt To The Sea

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In her novel, Salt to the Sea, Ruta Sepetys illustrates the devastation faced by refugees as they race towards safety and freedom during World War II. In addition, Sepetys wants to educate people on a less known adversity, the sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff. To accomplish this purpose, she uses vivid imagery and comparisons to strengthen her purpose. This story is told through a first person perspective as each refugee has their own secrets to keep while seeking a new life. This was a highly effective choice as it enabled the reader to “be in their shoes” and witness the brutal journey these refugees have faced. In order to show us the severity of the journey, imagery is needed since it helps the audience picture the situation as most of us cannot imagine what life at this time was. When Joana arrived at the port, as “animals roamed helplessly in the streets and people screamed out for food and lost family members” (152). This description shows how this war has torn apart everyone physically and emotionally as complete chaos unfolds. It is also an appeal to pathos as her audience would feel devastated by having to witness such a scene. This is because nobody should have no food to eat or not know whether they were safe. As a result, the description of the port upon Joana’s arrival proves that even after their journey was completed, the fight for survival was not over. Instead, it was just beginning as everyone fought for a boarding pass that one hoped would allow them to

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