The Animal Of Entertainment Should Be Considered Animal Cruelty Remains

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In the last decade, society has erupted in controversy over aquariums and it has driven both aquarium workers and consumers to speak up on the issue of the cruelty that animals placed in these situations have faced. Individuals have gone to aquariums as a form of entertainment for decades and they have become a part of American culture. “On average, one aquarium has opened each year for the past 12 years, a 50 percent increase over the 25 ‘accredited’ aquariums that existed prior to 1990” (Savoye). Aquariums such as SeaWorld, which welcomes millions of people each year, allows families to experience the joy of seeing creatures that they normally would not have the chance to see. However, behind this joy is the pain that these marine …show more content…

Killer whales such as Tilikum are intelligent, social animals that need a large space to thrive. However, in aquariums and theme parks like SeaWorld, these marine animals are forced to live in small, unnatural spaces that cause them distress. (See Figure 1). As a result, their personalities and temperaments will change and it can have deadly consequences. When discussing Tilikum, John Jett, a scientist and former SeaWorld trainer says, “There’s no place to swim and not much to do. His teeth cause infections. He 's sunburned. He 's bullied. Given his boring life and ill health, it comes as no surprise that he killed" (Tocco). While SeaWorld workers may claim that the whales that are put into captivity are not subjected to harm and are given plenty of room to roam, there is no justification behind forcing these animals to live in solitude. For such intelligent and social creatures, living this way goes against their very nature.
Additionally, aquariums have adopted many disturbing practices that include tearing calves away from their mothers and transferring them to different theme parks. In the wild, orcas tend to live in pods, which can have up to 30 whales, that will travel together for their entire lives. The experience of having it’s calf taken away is extremely traumatic for both the mother and the calf, given that in the wild the calf rarely leaves its mother’s side. A former diver named Crowe told Cowperthwaite that he “kidnapped baby whales for shipment to

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