The Animated M A Life Of Walt Disney

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One of America’s most famous entrepreneur of all time went by the name of Walt Disney. This man was able to change so many people’s outlook on animation and films. He is known for creating the famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse. Several have watched Walt Disney films soar beyond the horizon, but what they do not know is the hardships and struggles Disney had to surpass to reach success. The book “The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney” portrays the long road that Walt traveled. Most books tend to only highlight the success of a person’s life, but this book focuses on the hardships.
Walt Disney, also known as Walter Elias Disney, was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. It wasn’t until ten years later when his family
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Walt wrote to Mrs. Winkler several times about the upcoming film and how he could screen several of the cartoons from Alice’s Wonderland (a film that consisted of both animation and live acting) at W.R. Kelley of Pictorial Clubs’ office in New York. At the time, what he didn’t know was that this corporation had gone out of business and instead the cartoons were sent to an unreliable corporation that was also called Pictorial Clubs. Unfortunately, Walt Disney was unable to receive the money he had been offered by Winkler and was forced to file bankruptcy. Walt Disney was very tempted to close his doors and to return back to his former job. This still did not defeat Walt Disney’s ambitions to have his own animation studio. He quickly moved to Hollywood, California and began drawing cartoons in his Uncle Robert’s garage. Sooner than later, Roy (his brother) decided to go into business with Walt and left the hospital where he had been staying. On October 8th, 1923, Walt Disney began renting a space for their business and declared that it would be named Disney Brothers Studio. On October 15th, Walt Disney signed yet another contract with Margaret Winkler in the hopes of distributing several Alice films the right way this time. Walt Disney and his staff slowly began to build their staff at a steady pace and moved to bigger headquarters
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