Essay about The Anti-Semitic Power of Jud Süß

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Without propaganda the Nazi would not have gotten as far or as powerful as they were. One powerful piece of work was the Nazi film Jud Süß. This is a Nazi propaganda film was released on September 24, 1940 by a Nazi production company named Terra Filmkunst under the order of Joseph Goebbels. For a lot of people this is considered to be one of the most anti-Semitic films that the Nazi’s have ever put into production. I will be going over the overall message of the film and how they go about being anti-Semitic and how powerful this movie actually was for the Nazi party. What went in to this movie and what happened to the actors after the war was over and what was the true power of this anti-Semitic film are a few questions that will be …show more content…

Within the 3rd Reich its self it was the most revered movies produced during this time. Before the German troops were sent on their raid against the Jewish people all over Germany, were ordered to watch this to provide them with the boost that they needed and the final confidence that they needed to know what they were doing was right. I would like to talk about the plot of this truly anti-Semitic film. We are at the beginning of the movie and it opens with the soon to be Duke (Karl Alexander). This man, Karl Alexander, played by (Heinrich George), swore up and down that he would up hold the laws the way a true duke would with honesty and power. Karl is soon agitated with his counsel because they will not supply him with the money he needs to live the extravagant life that he wishes to lead. The ones in particular that the movies point out are: a ballet company, a personal bodyguard the duke basically wants to live a better life than the people around him. He sends word out to Frankfurt to borrow some money. He gets an offer from a man named Oppenheimer played by (Ferdinand Marian); Oppenheimer wants to sell the duke jewelry at a discounted price. He insists on giving them to the duke himself and this is where we can tell something is not

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