The Anti War Of The Vietnam War

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In the mid 1960s a pervasive anti-war atmosphere came about surrounding the Vietnam War. Encompassing this war, the anti-war movement was fueled by three ambitious groups who, in their quest for distinct changes, induced the downfall of the liberalist democratic party and set the stage for the new conservative republicans with three movements that made up the anti-war radicalism. These three movements include, the New Left movement, Black Power and Women’s liberation movement. All three movements were initiated due to the negative effects of the Vietnam War on their needs, “suggesting that the American “system” was connected to the evolution of the war.” Therefore, one by one, these sub-movements in the Anti-war atmosphere against the political system led to the end of the democratic era and opened doors for the new conservatism.
Black Power The black population in the United States faced one of the largest frustrations from the war. As Richard Nixon puts it, “minority groups engage in civil disobedience because their greatest defense is the rule of law.” Here President Nixon is referring to black nationalism that held its grip on a majority of the black population in the 1960s, forming the Black Panther Party; “a militant, community based organization to protect blacks from harassment and to provide internal organizational structure for the ghetto.” Led by spokesman Malcolm X, many blacks in the United States began to feel victimized by the American system. Malcolm X…

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