The Appeal And Spread Of Radical Islam

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The appeal and spread of radical Islam within the United States is becoming a serious national security risk. In the past radical Islamic groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda placed cells in the United States for the purpose of taking down the American establishment through domestic terrorism. In order to counter and even stop this phenomenon, it is essential that law enforcing and the intelligence community understand what makes Radical Islam so appealing. Moreover, Once Officials figure out the appeal of radical Islam, only then can an effective strategy to combat radical Islam be made and implemented. Current methods for abolishing radical Islam are not working if anything it has made the situation worse. Therefore, a new strategy is …show more content…

Furthermore, many radical Islamic groups believe that man-made laws are shirk and they are not too be bound by them (Quintan Wiktorowicz, 2006). Moreover, the only laws that have a sense of legitimacy in the eyes of radical Islamist is Sharia law (Quintan Wiktorowicz, 2006). Which is believed to be law directly passed down from Allah. In addition, radical groups such as Al-Muhajiroun believe that all actions, decisions and deeds are an act of praise and worship as long as it follows sharia. Conversely, any deviation from the fundamentalist teachings of Islam is considered sin against God (Quintan Wiktorowicz, 2006). Therefore, according to radical Islamist those who do not follow the strict interpretations of Islam are doomed to burn in the fiery pits of hell, while those of follow such teaching will see paradise (Quintan Wiktorowicz, 2006). Radical Islamist groups use this basic principle to keep their members in check. It is also important to note that each Radical Islamist group believes only it can offer its members the True path to salvations and all other groups are false (Quintan Wiktorowicz, 2006). This ideology is based upon a passage in the Hadiths that states “And this Ummah will divide into 73 sects all of which will go to hell and they are those who are upon what I and my

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