The Arduous Journey Of Discovering Antonio 's Destiny

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I decided that ”The Arduous Journey to Discovering Antonio’s Destiny“ is a decent, exceptional title for my paper, because it gives a brief description on what my paper will be about, Antonio’s expedition on finding his destiny.

1 ½ ) When reading over the assignment rubric, I noticed a few errors. One being in question number 1, where it says,”How are Samuel, Antonio, and Cico different?”. Instead of saying “are” you would say is. “Is” is singular while “are” is plural, and since it 's talking about each individual, it would make it singular. 2) Antonio and Cico just saw a golden carp, which is a pagan god according to Samuel. Witnessing it strongly impacted Antonio, since actually seeing it was as splendid and impressive as the Catholic God. Previously observing Ultima 's magic and just the thought of the carp really shows to Tony that there is more to life than what he 's been taught from church and his mother. After confronting the carp, Antonio realizes that Ultima was able to do things his Catholic god couldn’t, revealing that he would never be fulfilled by his Catholic faith. His friends Samuel and Cico are all different from each other. Antonio is a Catholic, Samuel tells Antonio about the carp, and Cico believes in many gods, like the golden carp, and shows it Antonio.

3) In the setting of the novel, it seemed as if the boys and girls were separated in a way, because the girls had to stay confined indoors while the boys had to go outside, even in the

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