The Arguments For The Existence Of God

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Amie Kamara
Professor Davidson
16 November 2015
Rough Draft for The arguments for the Existence of God. The question "Does God Exist?" is a well-known asked question in the world. Most people believe they know the answer to it. The religious people would say, well of course he does, while the non-religious people or atheist would say no He does not exist. Because evil exist and chaos exists, God cannot be all-powerful. In the modern world, there are many different opinions as to whether a God exists or not. This has been an issue of great dispute because many people reverence different gods or no god at all. For years, many philosophers have come up with theories, proofs, and hypotheses to prove the existence of God, and a canon of arguments has been developed. The Arguments for the Existence of God sets out to explain the everyday philosophical arguments for theism, and so to explore the case for the existence of God. The arguments themselves are arranged under the following headings: The Ontological Argument, The Cosmological Argument, The Teleological Argument, and The Moral Argument will determine if there really is a God.
The ontological argument
An argument that attempts to prove the existence of God through abstract reasoning alone is known as the Ontological argument. The argument begins with a clear explanation of the concept of God. When people talk or think about "God" they usually think or say that he 's a "perfect being" meaning He is flawless, ideal

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