The Arrival of Hadu Essay

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The day after the arrival of Hadu. “Dad, I’m serious! Why won’t you believe me?! You have always trusted me and now that I sound completely mad, which I am aware of, you won’t take the time to hear any of it?!” “Ok, Elle. If someone you trusted with your LIFE just told you that a part of your town was swallowed by an ocean and infested with dinosaur lake monsters, would you believe them?” “Of course, Dad. Don’t you know who you’re talking to?” *huffs* “Come on Pops, you got to believe me.. if you don’t trust your own daughter then ask Ames or Sam!” “Wooh.. Who’s Sam?!” “UGH!!! Dad that’s not important now!!” I said as I grabbed my coat and ran up the stairs. It was 10 in the morning. I had went outside to give my dog a walk in …show more content…

Nahh they would probably just put us all in jail and not even go look at it. *huffs* But what if someone needs to get across the Bottoms and the drive their car down the road and see the water.. Wait wasn’t it in construction?.. Construction?! Exactly!! What if all of this was caused because of construction done on the roads in the Bottoms..? I gotta get Ames and Sam! I grab my phone, call Ames first.. She is busy. Then I find Sam’s home phone in the phone book and call him. He is also busy. So I repeat this twice and they are busy everytime. Then I call my Mom to see if when she gets home she can drop me of f at Ames house.. and my Mom is busy also.. I call my Dad’s cell, my home phone, my grandma’s, the guys that I like (just in case), and then 911.. They are all busy. ALL OF THEM!! Saturday- Everybody’s phone is busy.. Well I decide to go and check the TV. I turn on the TV and it plays a show, completely normal. “Thank Goodness!” I say to myself. I go to the News Channel and I don’t find anything interesting. It say the weather for today will be cold, like the rest of the 7-day Forecast.. only the TV thinks its 6’o’ clock news on Friday night. I go to the rest of the channels and they are all playing was on at 6’o’clock. How do I know this? Because the TV says so, and I know my Favorite Show “Return of the Wilder bees” only comes on this channel at 6’o’clock every Friday night. *One of the reasons I didn’t want to go to the stupid bonfire* Cause I felt as

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