The Art Of Learning Through Genetic Engineering

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It is difficult to imagine a world without technology. Technology is evolving at a rapid rate each and every day and because of this, we can develop whatever comes to mind. For example, we have the potential to create a glow in the dark cat, or to even develop a venomous cabbage. Whatever the task, the possibilities are endless. Genetic engineering could lead us into a future in which gene manipulation is the everyday norm. As of now, genetic engineering allows us to manipulate crops, animals, and even humans to acquire any trait that we wish it to obtain. We are able to manipulate these organisms by manually adding new DNA to that specific organism. This DNA will provide that organism with new traits that it previously did not possess. The art of learning through genetic engineering may seem like it is a largely positive type of science, however, it certainly has not come without its’ criticisms. Altering animals, crops, plants, as well as humans is a highly controversial ethical issue. There are many positive aspects to genetic engineering such as the ability to help prevent and treat diseases. However, are the potential consequences involved worth the risks? Who is being harmed because of this practice? Questions like these have no definite answer; however by the end of this essay, we will be able to draw a conclusion as to whether not genetic engineering should be considered a moral procedure.
How do we modify an organisms’ DNA in order to provide new traits that it

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