Altering Humanity : Ethical Or Immoral

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Altering Humanity: Ethical or Immoral Thousands of years ago, humans were pushing the limits of technology through agriculture in ways such as domesticating animals or making the wheel. Today our dedication to understanding and trying to control the world is leading us to engage in controversial topics and ethical debates. Curiosity is one of our race 's greatest gifts but, it is also a curse on the human population. The classic story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelly showed a scientist 's curiosity leading to a monstrous creation. This story was science fiction in the past, but in modern times it is closer to becoming a reality. Advances in technology are creating new possibilities in science, including the idea of manipulating human genes through the process of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is revolutionizing and reshaping modern medicine and agriculture. While genetic engineering is leading to many innovations and discoveries in science, there are still questions in society regarding the ethics of testing and manipulating humans. Testing on humans is not limited to mature humans, but in fact a major part of genetic testing is conducted on human embryos. "A human embryo is created by the union of a single male sperm cell and a female egg. After fertilization by the sperm cell, the egg begins to divide into more cells" (Szumski and Karson 11). These human embryos are very versatile and undifferentiated cells. With the potential to become any type of tissue cell

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