The Art Of Resistance Hidden Transcript

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James C. Scott The art of resistance: Hidden transcripts explains the modes of discourse employed by the power holding groups of society. The public transcript describes the dominant groups policies and how the oppress groups feel about them. The difference in these two groups is the dominance that one places over the other in society. The oppress feel as if they don’t have power to act or change what the “powerful” dominant groups hold. The hidden transcripts are created from those who find themselves subjects of the social, political and economic classes that dominant their society. The purpose of the hidden transcripts take up a model of communication in the public atmosphere that address the individuals who struggles with disparity, power and privilege in their communities and societies overall. According to Scott “The highly charged atmosphere created by the open declaration of the hidden transcript may produce social effects that bear the marks of collective madness” (Scott 222). By opening the hidden transcript it could led you to more individuals who share similar views as you do. Sometimes when it looks like nothing is happening sometimes is happening. However, in the groups of the offstage individual there is very much a change happening amongst the conversation that are had but they is no action to enforce that change. The only thing that is lacked in these transcripts is the confidents to act upon what the ideas in those conversation create. Ultimately, there is
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