The American Dream Unfulfilled : Martin Luther King, Jr.

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In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. was thrown into jail due to participating in non-violent protests against racism and segregation in the city of Birmingham. There, he wrote the famous “Letter from the Birmingham Jail,” which became one of the most important letters in history of the American civil rights movement (Colaiaco 1). The open letter covered many points to King’s arguments for why the marches, protests, and other non-violent actions were necessary and justifiable. James Colaiaco analyzes the key components to the letter and the different ways Martin Luther King, Jr. used literary devices to form a well written argument.
James A. Colaiaco in the article, “The American Dream Unfulfilled: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail,’” explains how Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolence tactics ultimately allowed African Americans to make great strides for equality in the Supreme Court. Colaiaco supports his claims by giving detailed explanations about the main points mentioned within King’s letter. The author’s purpose is to persuade the reader to continue to help making social changes in order to fulfill the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. Colaiaco begins his article by giving the reader background information about events that took place during the early 1960’s and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s role in the civil rights movement. He argues that “the events in Birmingham proved to be a turning point in the battle for civil rights, after which the forces of

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