The Art Style Of Venice And The Italian Renaissance

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The Venetian Renaissance style is different and yet similar in many ways to the Late Renaissance period for a number of reasons:
Location, as Venice is located so far from Rome and Florence. Being located along the open water-ways, Venice literally became this massive number of small islands that were inter-connected through waterways, and these islands were both self-reliant but also needed each other to create bridges and canals.
In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Venice suffered numerous difficulties of war, disease, and religion being managed by the state. After such challenges, Venice was able to stabilize and build a republican government. This brought the trade market to Venice and enhanced the lifestyle to those with wealth and riches. Venice became a unique location as a gateway between Europe and Byzantium.
The architectural style that Venice celebrated was influenced by its Gothic architectural style, by combining the Gothic lancet arch with the Byzantine and Ottoman influences.
The music of Venice during the 16th century became one of the most important musical centers of Europe, marked by a characteristic style of compositions that were arranged in a style of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras which involved spatially separate choirs singing in alternation.
Artists, such as Bellini is credited with creating the "Venetian style” and this has a great impact on why Venetian art has influenced Venice and its hearty society of locals and those who
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