The Art and Methods Used in KIMSOOJA Unfolding Essay

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Textiles works are the most important works that represents Asian countries. Mostly all the textile works are exported to western countries from Asia, because textile works are very famous in Asia especially in Korea. One of the most famous Korean artists, Kimsooja’s works is based on fabrics that were sewn out of colorful clothing from thread and ink. Recently when I went at the show KIMSOOJA Unfolding, Vancouver Art Gallery, I got to see many remarkable textile works made by her, it seemed very beautiful seeing the whole segment of the gallery decorated with her colorful textile works.

The artist has collected Korean clothing fragments for making collage works using geometric compositions. Kimsooja is a new generation artist who …show more content…

The same old truck is exhibited in a room next to the video installation and named “Bottari Truck” which was loaded full of bottaries. The artist had sourced clothing from Vancouver community and the truck from the Pacific Northwest.

To further explain Bottari, it is the wrapping of belongings that references both Korean cultural traditions as well as ideas that is about shifting and migration that exceed a local setting. Kimsooja’s bottari is always filled with used clothing or objects; its use symbolizes hopes, memories and pains of anonymous lives, as well as of the relationship between consciousness, time, space and movement. She reveals the expressive power of ordinary objects by using the used clothing and bed covers which are replete with individual memories stains that might indicate pain, sorrow or pleasure and are intimately connected to the body, by using them to create her bottari. Bottari bundles are traditionally made by women and used for the safekeeping and transportation of one’s worldly possessions during both voluntary and forced migration. As mentioned by Kimsooja, a bottari is an Korean word for bundle, "Bottari is actually everywhere in our country. We always keep bottari, which means a bundle in Korean, in our family, to keep things and protect them or to put them aside in the attic, or to carry from one place to another. Also in Korea, ‘making a bundle’ (when it refers to women) means leaving the family—that is, the woman leaves her own

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