The Articles Of The Draft Of Capitulation

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The Articles of Capitulation signed 1760 marked the concluding chapter of France’s hegemony in North America. By 1764 the French possession of Ile Royale and Ile St.Jean along with their prize colony of Quebec were handed over to Great Britain. Therefore, why are these articles important in contemporary society and does it indicate British hegemony in Canada? The Articles of Capitulation of Montreal in 1760 was a diplomatic tool used by the British military command to supplant the military forces in New France, by confirming to the needs and rights of regular Francophones within Quebec while placing strict editions that legitimized their hegemony in North America. Therefore, it is the purpose of this essay to analysis the Articles of …show more content…

With the increased population, the colony stabilized its economic situation, thereby investing in the welfare of the colony.

However as the Articles of Capitulation indicated the period of stability for New France had political and economic problems. With a higher and stable population, French goods and access to tradable goods; furs, pelts and natural resources produced an economic rivalry between the English. As the economic rivalry increased, it began to cause friction in their political relations. Gradually, Franco-Anglo relations began to encompass territorial supremacy of the North American region. Interestingly, the geopolitical situation during the early 18th century displayed English territory along the Atlantic seaboard and in Rupert 's Land, while France’s territory concentrated in the centre of North America.

Hostilities between France and Great Britain broke down in 1702 due to the Spanish succession. In North America, this conflict had been referred to as Queen Anne’s War and resulted in the accelerated downfall of the New France. When the war ended in 1713 with the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht France was forced to ceded parts of its colony; Acadia, Newfoundland, Hudson Bay and the country of the Iroquois. The Treaty of Utrecht is important because it signified the growing emergence of English hegemony over North America, but more importantly it exhibited English ambition to seize all French possession, indicating a policy of Britain’s interest to

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