The Assessment Tool For A Qualified Staff Nurse

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Description (200 words) It was during my first week clinical placement in the ward when I came across with the Waterlow risk assessment tool. My mentor made sure that I got all the risk assessment tools commonly used in the ward as these will play a key part in my duty as a qualified staff nurse. True enough, this risk assessment tool became visible in every patient’s charts and serial risk assessment was done on a weekly basis. When I started shadowing with a qualified staff nurse and began caring for patients, performing this skin assessment tool became more prevalent. Every time a new patient was admitted either from another local hospital or ward this tool was never missed out. Furthermore, weekly accomplishment of this tool was mandatory as part of the prevention of pressure ulcers. On one occasion, I was asked to do a risk assessment to an acute patient. I filled in every portions of the assessment tool to the best of my ability and from the data I gathered from the patient. Apparently, after checking the assessment I was advised to read further about Waterlow risk assessment so that I would have a clear and better understanding of using it. Feelings (119 words) For some reason I felt inadequate and needed to start from scratch and read again books to keep myself updated with the clinical practice. I had worked in the Intensive care unit previously and I was trained to do pressure ulcer risk assessment to my patients. However, what I used before is quite different
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