The Association Between Disgust And The Moral Foundations Of Making Moral Judgements

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The Association between Disgust Propensity and the Moral Foundations in making Moral Judgements. Jack W. Hill-Rennie The University of Melbourne Student Number: 766488 Subject: Personality and Social Psychology 20009 Tutorial Time: Friday 11am-1pm Word Count: 2131 Abstract The emotion disgust is an omnipresent feeling that dwells inside every person. Previous studies have shown that there are relationships between disgust and the moral domains outlined in (Graham, Nosek, Haidt, Iyer, Koleva & Ditto 2011). This study looks at four domains in particular and attempts to confirm previously proposed associations as well as develop others. It was hypothesised that Disgust Propensity would be positively correlated with each of the four domains. The participants, who were 596 undergraduate students, were instructed to complete several online questionnaires relating to the study.(This The vast majority of findings were consistent with past literature. The results indicated a significant positive correlation for all of the moral domains except Harm. Since some of the results were barely significant it would be beneficial to alter some of the methodology and rerun the study to grasp a better understanding of potential relationships between disgust and the moral domains. Keywords: disgust propensity, moral domains In the last century the majority of Moral Psychology has been focussed on reason and its role in the production of moral judgement. The use of reasoning

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