The Assumption That The Internet Can Replace Libraries

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The assumption that the internet can replace libraries is one built on underestimation of what a library is and how it has, and continues to, evolve. The idea of a library is something built from personal experiences and relies on nostalgia. But libraries today are not what they were in the past, nor can they be in the future, “Libraries need to take the time to ask hard questions about how their patrons are seeking knowledge and using information differently than they have in the past.” (Palfrey 2015, p.40). Libraries continually evolve their methods while simultaneously overcoming struggles of identity and financial stability. Despite these obstacles, libraries are prime candidates to act as preservation and information experts in the world where technology drives knowledge and information. Libraries are facing a struggle of identity brought about by technology. Once the internet became a household feature the library was no longer the most convenient information center for most patrons. So while dealing with new problems, library staff are also re-creating the library. But what of the old libraries endures into today’s libraries? More than most would assume, “Books and other library resources should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves.” (Library Bill of Rights). The library remains a place for all people to have equal access to information and services. The face has changed, but the heart remains

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