The At The Edge Of The Castle Training Field Essay

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At the edge of the castle training field, bathed by the rays of a waning autumn sun, Percival reached for Fleur 's hand as they waited for the knighting ceremony to begin. Deena and Ida, their girls, sat in the grass, vibrating with excitement. Banon lay down between them, basking in the glory of belly rubs, as the dog always did. It seemed impossible that the girls were ten and Banon was almost eleven. Hadn 't they come into Percival and Fleur 's life only yesterday?

A cool afternoon breeze kissed Percival 's face, and with that, he gazed at the sparse clouds above and recalled the past. He was almost thirty-three, and somehow, the past seemed closer than ever.

So much had happened during the past decade.

When Deena and Ida turned one, Percival and Gwaine, on a mission in Ismere, had been captured and forced into slavery by Morgana. That was a dark and frightening time for Percival and Gwaine, yet eventually, Merlin and King Arthur rescued them. Percival recalled his homecoming, when Fleur – carrying the twins in her arms – Rion, and Banon charged from the castle and ran to him, sobbing with joy. Rion all but pulled Percival from his horse, and Percival and his family stood outside in the downpour, reunited and grateful. He had never felt more loved than in that moment.

Further, Arthur had managed to negotiate peace with King Odin, and Camelot and Cornwall had not warred in years.

Regardless, there had been more dark times.

Less than a year later, the epic Battle of
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