The Atekpc Project Management Office

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OCTOBER 11, 2007


The AtekPC Project Management Office
A rain had started in the early evening of March 3, 2007, and the streets of Metropolis were cold and grey where the AtekPC headquarters were located. As John Strider, CIO for AtekPC, packed up his briefcase at the end of the day, his thoughts returned to the new Project Management Office (PMO) that he had approved several months ago. During his tenure of over twenty years at AtekPC, Strider had never witnessed the kinds of pressures that were now facing the personal computer (PC) industry. Strider recognized that the industry was in transition and that his Information Technology (IT) organization would be involved in some critically
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There was little margin for mistakes at AtekPC in these changing times.

Industry Background
The PC industry was experiencing tremendous cost pressure and was undergoing a period of consolidation. As profit margins fell, PC makers were launching cost reduction strategies aimed at further improving the efficiency of their supply chains, while lowering the cost of distribution. According to a recent newspaper article: The latest financial results for PC makers show a slow down in both sales and profitability. Both corporations and consumers are holding on to their PCs for a longer period of time to avoid the cost and hassles associated with upgrading their equipment. As a result, purchases are being deferred and PC makers are looking at new markets for growth opportunities. The industry appears to be undergoing a wave of consolidation as cost control and scale become more important than ever before.1 In 2007, a major news magazine ran a cover article entitled “Whither the PC?” The threats reported in their analysis were worldwide and stemmed from a variety of factors including the growing popularity of mobile phones, PDAs and web-based application software. For most people, email is the most important application that they use. For a long period of time, sending and receiving email necessitated having a full-fledged PC. Nowadays, though, businesspeople and consumers want to
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