The Atom Bomb

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The dropping of the Atom Bomb is one of many historical events of the World War II. The Atom Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two Japanese cities. The two nuclear bombs were dropped by the Americans at the end of the war, more specifically on August 6th and August 9th in 1945. The reason for these events is to this day, not clearly understood by many, but for the Americans it was believed to be the best way to end the war. The attack being so controversial, in this paper, I will give my view on this harmful event and I will attempt to explain the different arguments used to justify the dropping of the weapons on these two cities.
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The attack being inevitable the weapons damaged many buildings, the roads nearby, and caused the death of many residents. The daily life of the people living in these cities and their community was destroyed because of the impact. Schools, hospitals, police stations and many other services were unavailable. Many people died during the bombings while many others died of sickness or depression. Without the help of the Japan government and the limited resources during that time and years after, the population was unable to function and forget about the impact it had on them (Ishikawa & Swain, 1981, …show more content…

Even if I agree with the justification of President Truman, I do not find humanly right and respectful towards Japan. Also, the way it was perceived by the world and handle by the Japanese government is without no doubt unpleasant. However, from the historical relationship and the strong presence of Japan in the Cold War since 1931 leading to World War II, I believe it was time to slow down the damages Japan was causing to their population and other participants of the war in conflict with them. Japan expansion militarily, economically and politically throughout the years, in my opinion gave them too much pride. Which was beneficial for them to keep going on with the war. The use of Little Boy and Fat Man on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the justification of President Truman relating it to Japan military personnel attack on US military base at Pearl Harbor; was purely a valuable justification for their attack. Because a while before the US warn Japan to surrender and they did not want to. And I am sure that at this point Japan was causing more trouble therefore the drop of the Atomic bombs was probably the best option to end the war and make Japan surrender because any other form of response by the United

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